We Are Nawtsamaat

Very Beloved Relatives, Friends, and Allies of the Nawtsamaat Alliance,

Greetings once again! We hope this message finds you in all the beauty, wonder, and goodness of the Great Spirit.

Last Sunday’s Gathering to Protect the Sacredness of the Salish Sea left us each in a state of total awe and of humbling gratitude. As we continue to reflect about the remarkable occasion - in which over 350 relatives from all walks of life gathered in the calling to do good in Unprecedented, Unified Action - our hearts are filled with hope.

Our deepest thanks and most heartfelt blessings go out to each of you. Thank you! Together, as Nawtsamaat, “One House. One Heart. One Prayer,” a force for goodness is emerging with the gale of ten thousand voices, whose words shall be sung by the next 7 generations and beyond. Nawtsamaat, our legacy, shall be known in the hearts of every being who calls this remarkable place home.

We will Protect it. We will Restore it. And we will win.

Warrior Up!


Important Information Updates and Invitations for the 4 Days of Action
The First Learning Circle, the International Rally, and the Treaty Signing
1. First Learning Circle - The Sacred Hoop of Peace and Compassion
Join us in an evening of wisdom with our elders, Mona Polacca, youngest of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, and Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.

Learn with us as we tell stories, dig deep and ask big questions in this work, and connect and learn with one another in these powerful times. Learn about the Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary as a way to protect and restore the Salish Sea, the 4 Days of Action, and the International Treaty to Protect the Sacredness of the Salish Sea.

Date/Time/Place: Tuesday, September 16th, 6pm @ St. Marks Cathedral in Bloedel Hall
Address: 10th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102
RSVP on Facebook here: http://on.fb.me/YN40YR

2. International Rally: “Climate Change Knows No Borders: Defense of the Salish Sea is Without Boundaries”
On September 20th, as world leaders gather for the UN Climate Summit in New York, Americans, Canadians, First Nations and Native American tribes, and all the diverse communities of the Salish Sea will gather at the Peace Arch to send a unified and clear message to world leaders, as well as to our own local elected officials: it is time for unprecedented action to defend the Salish Sea and our global climate from fossil fuel development. This event will be momentous.

Participants are encouraged to go to the Treaty signing at Tsleil-Waututh Nation the next day.

Date/Time/Place: Saturday, September 20th, 1pm @ Peace Arch Park (border crossing)
RSVP and learn more here: http://on.fb.me/1CXiiFI
Carpooling and bussing available here: http://350seattle.org/peace-arch/

3. Signing of the International Treaty to Protect the Sacredness of the Salish Sea
On September 21st, join us at Tsleil-Waututh Nation in British Columbia for a Salmon Dinner, West Coast Drum and Dance, and speakers reporting on the the work it has taken to create the International Treaty to Protect the Sacredness of the Salish Sea. The Treaty reflects Indigenous laws that have been in place to protect the land and waters of the Salish Sea region since time immemorial. On September 22nd, the morning after, the Treaty will be signed. Members will sign a pledge of support. You won’t want to miss this historic occasion.

Date/Time/Place: Sunday, September 21st, 6-9pm @ Tsleil-Waututh Nation Community Centre. Signing to happen on Monday morning the next day.
Address: 3010 Sleil Waututh Rd | North Vancouver, BC V7H 3A8 | Canada
RSVP and learn more here: http://bit.ly/1y9iEJa

Additional resources for the Alliance can be found below!

Nawtsamaat Alliance FAQ and 4 Days of Action Overview:

Just released press of the Alliance and Gathering, each moving and inspiring:

People of all directions, colors, and nations are experiencing a momentous stirring in their spirits and in their hearts. People are hungry for change, for unity. The Human Family is waking up, and the challenges of our time are begging us to unleash our brilliant, innate potential for wisdom, and beauty, and for goodness that will heal all the world.

You. Me. All of us. We are Nawtsamaat. And our goodness is our strength.

With Heartfelt Blessings and Fierce Love,

Joey Crotty (Young One & Campaign Organizer)
with Sundance Chief Rueben George
Sweetwater Nannauck
Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.
T Anne Sukova
Jon Ramer
Carlo Voli
& Many More
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