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Indigenous Nations from across the United States and Canada and their Allies converged at the Yankton Sioux Reservation, South Dakota for a historical event, “Gathering to Protect the Sacred From the Tar Sands and Keystone XL.”  This took place January 23rd-25th, 2013, and was held at the Ft. Randall Hotel and Casino.  You can learn more about the International Treaty including seeing a video of the Signing Ceremony here.

Those attending signed an International Treaty to effectively block the Keystone XL TransCanada Pipeline. Representatives of Indigenous Nations and their Allies including farmers and ranchers, business and environmental leaders, leading treaty and environmental lawyers, news media, and other concerned citizens gathered for unprecedented unified action.

This International Treaty to Protect the Sacred from Tar Sands and Keystone XL builds upon the Save the Fraser River Declaration, the Rights of Mother Earth Accord, Indigenous Leaders Spiritual Declaration, the Earth Charter, and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  This International Treaty between Indigenous Nations is grounded in the January 23rd, 1863 Pawnee Nation and Ihanktonwan Dakota / Nakota Peace Treaty. Witnessed by representatives of the Ponca Nation and the United States government this was the first written Peace Treaty between Indian Nations in history.

White Buffalo

The Gathering was opened by Sacred Ceremony to honor the Treaty of 1863 as well as to formalize a united stand by the Pawnee Nation and the Yankton Sioux Tribe to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline. With this legal and spiritual foundation other Indigenous Nations and Allies will unite at the conclusion of the Gathering in the signing of the International Treaty to Protect the Sacred from Tar Sands and Keystone XL.

President Barack Obama was directly invited to send a representative to the gathering to hear all concerned and to witness the unprecedented unified action that will be taken. Through this action the United States Government will be notified that any future approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline will be considered a further grave abrogation of the 1863 Treaty, and possibly other related treaties and would have very regrettable consequences. For instance, on December 21st 2012 by Resolution, the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council also stated they were “vehemently opposed to the construction of the TransCanada/Keystone XL Pipeline Project on any Aboriginal or Treaty lands”


The January 23rd Gathering will launch the Campaign to Protect the Sacred based upon Unprecedented Unified Action.  Please sign up to support the campaign and to help spread the word... more to follow!  

Global Power Shift

Protect the Sacred is supportive of the Global Power Shift gathering happening in Turkey in June. 



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About Protect the Sacred http://bit.ly/1EPP2ji via @protectsacred
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About Protect the Sacred http://bit.ly/1wg0uFO via @protectsacred
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About Protect the Sacred
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Thank you
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We have a petition for a bill that would amend the American Indian Religious Freedom Act to include the protection of sacred places. Please sign and pass along, also I would like to email a press release for our latest even in light of the destruction of the sacred wetlands behind Haskell campus. If you know anyone we can talk to please contact us. We’d love to hear from you. http://amendairfa.org/Sign_Online_Petition.html
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yes, we need to stand up against the ripping and tearing of our earth, water, air
Protect the Sacred
Unprecedented Unified Action to Protect Sacred Mother Earth