Mother Earth Accord

At the 1/23 Gathering we will Hold a Ceremonial Grand Council to Affirm a Unifying International Treaty between Indigenous Peoples supported by All Our Allies Who Seek to Protect the Sacred from the Tar Sands and the Keystone XL Pipeline.   This International Treaty will be based upon a number of previous Treaties and Accords.  Here is one, the Mother Earth Accord signed in September 2011 presented to President Obama in December 2011.  

Here's a video of Native American and First Nation leaders press conference at the National Press Club during the White House First Nations Conference in DC. Dec, 2011.

Mother Earth Accord

The Tribal Government Chairs and Presidents, Traditional Treaty Councils, with First Nation Regional Chiefs of Alberta and Northwest Territories of Canada, impacted by the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline and Tar Sands Development present at the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Emergency Summit on the Protection of Mother Earth and Treaty Territories:

Being guided by the principles of traditional indigenous knowledge and spiritual values,

Recognizing the existing resolution of the United Tribes of North Dakota International Tribal XV Resolution No. 9-11-07,entitled: Opposition to Keystone Excel (“Keystone II”) Pipeline now being considered for authorization by the United States Department of State, on the basis that construction of such pipeline is not in the national interests of the United States,

Recognizing the leadership of the Sac & Fox Nation of Oklahoma, and other Tribal Nations opposing the Keystone XL pipeline,

Furthering recognizing the existing resolution of the National Congress of American Indians Resolution #MKE-11-030, entitled: Opposition to Construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and Urging the U.S. to Reduce Reliance on Oil from Tar Sands and Instead, to Work towards Cleaner, Sustainable Energy Solutions,

Further acknowledging the historic political Accord of the Joint Assembly of the Assembly of First Nations and the National Congress of American Indians, July, 1999, Coast Salish Territory, Vancouver, British Canada, Resolution No 1 entitled, Declaration of Kinship and Cooperation among the Indigenous Peoples and Nations of North America through the Assembly of First Nations and the National Congress of American Indians,

 And, finally recognizing First Nations of Canada that have unanimously passed resolutions supporting a halt on new “tar sands” development and expansion and calling for provisions for full consultation under the principles of “free, prior and informed consent”.

Have agreed on this Mother Earth Accord which is operational immediately,

Read the rest of the Mother Earth Accord here.

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