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Canada Waking Up the Masses

Please connect with Canada Waking Up the Masses (event page for Canada)

Also: We have a legal paper petition demanding the Gov General dismiss Harper for actions against the Charter of Rights ....being presented in the House of Commons

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The Protection of Native American Sacred Places Act

We have a petition for a bill that would amend the American Indian Religious Freedom Act to include the protection of sacred places. Please sign and pass along, also I would like to email a press release for our latest even in light of the destruction of the sacred wetlands behind Haskell campus. If you know anyone we can talk to please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

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Trail of Tears Memorial walk and Multi Nation Compact to Resist Keystone Xl and Tar Sands Projects

Looking for representatives to sign our compact in Protect the Sacred ceremony. More info can be found on Event page on Facebook. I can be contacted at

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Time to Unite With The Kogi Elder Brothers

Please connect with Adam Yellow Bird DeArmon "

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save our water resources before it is to late

this is an active petition please take a minute to sign this petition

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Well requesting railroads between reserves assist?

I know that the railroads created resolutions  that not anything can get in the way to build thinks between independent states, not your issue the design where you want to place those railroads for trade is on any pipeline of a monopoly transfer of goods and waste of resources.

Truly, have we lost our way to the extent we allow monopolies to dictate because paper names separate entities that any investment to move one good that is useless for survival except when heat is required, is in the best interest of the people....I dont think so.

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check livestreaming?

Greetings All My Relatives!  Been trying to get the livestreaming since yesterday, no luck.  Are you experiencing technical difficulties?  Haaw'a, thank you for your time.

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Create An Online Petition

Create An Online Petition so that those of us who cannot support you in person may support this cause with our signatures.

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12 year old Indigenous boy Xiuhtezcatl Martinez wants to speak

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez from Boulder Colorado is a 12 year old Environmental Activist and Change Agent.  He has spoken at events around the world.  You can see his work at  He learned about this event through a friend. IF their is a possibility for him to speak please let us know and we will drive him up.  We are good friends also with Arvol and Paula LookingHorse.  Here it a two minute opening to at his Keynote in Australia that is called "The Hope Is In Our Hands"

Here is a link to his music video "Live as if Our Future Matters"  Let us know what might be possible


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